How to Make Sense of the Holiday Season in a Place Where it is Not?

It may sound strange, but I have experienced Christmas as it happens in a western country only few times in my life.

This year for me is one of those rare opportunities to get a glimpse of Christmas in the “christian” world. It is proving to be an interesting cultural learning process. In the last several weeks I’ve learned more about Christmas than ever before.

However, many of us find ourselves in countries where Christmas is not celebrated. And if for me, this is rather normal, for many fo us in the missions community it proves to be an unusual experience.

Here are few links that may be helpful in making sense of this Holiday season as seen from missions perspective:

What about you?

How do you go about this holiday season in your mission experience?

I’d love to hear from you and interact in the comments below.

  • Everson says:

    Thanks for the collection of articles gathered in this post. I specially enjoyed the first one about celebrating Christmas in Muslim countries and the last one about the origin of the season.

  • Brankica says:

    Thank you Alex for taking time to gather all these information. I know that Christmas has passed and I am a bit late to comment, but thought it wouldn’t hurt.
    By the way I hope everyone in their own way enjoyed Christmas and the whole Holiday Season!
    I am also coming from the culture where we didn’t celebrate Christmas and definitely not in the church. It was thought to be pagan holiday.
    Despite that I love this time of the year in the western countries setting, it is a really beautiful time of the year with all festivities and you just have to enjoy it. It is a perfect time to devote more time to family and I definitely miss that a lot, especially time with grandkids:)
    Lately I think it has been commercialized a lot and people really spend more than they can afford and very little you can hear about the true Christmas spirit.
    Since we have been out of that culture for more than seven years, many things have changed. I have come to conclusion that this holiday is really more connected to culture than religion.
    The article that talks personally about people who need Christmas/Jesus is good, but in our work we know all the people that we work with on personal level and they all need Jesus, but not only during this time, they need Him every day. Whenever we bring Jesus to someone and the person accepts Him, it is a special day of His birth in that person’s life.
    I like the 12 days prayer, it is great and we have been doing this for a while, but every day, not just at Christmas time. We need to pray more, for sure, for people that we are surrounded all the time.
    I am reading the book “Insanity of Obedience” and in many ways agree with the author, bringing western culture to this part of the world it is not the best way to show them the truth, but to bring them pure gospel, that is something that we have to work more on.

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