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Hi, my name is Alex Ott.

Welcome to my Blog—Leading for Mission.

This is a website for everyone who is seriously engaged in cross-cultural missions. 

If you aspire to effectively Connect, Understand, and Impact across cultural barriers, this is a place where we can think through and dialogue about complexities involved.

Every cross-cultural Missions Enthusiast runs into a problem

We know that we have a loving Creator, Mentor, and Friend—our Lord Jesus.

He has been very busy with our lives. He sacrificed all to give us a chance. This fills our lives with joy. We have the assurance that he loves, cares, and leads us into the future. 

To have all that is a great and amazing privilege. It takes my breath away when I think about what I've got. And this is exactly what we want to pass across.

But more often than not this beauty is not easily appreciated.

We run into walls.

In god's eyes this may be a life or death situation

Not all in this world know and experience the joy we possess. In fact, most don't. And what makes things worse, it is difficult or nearly impossible to tell them.

As missionaries who transplant ourselves to unreached people groups, we are trying. We aspire to share the Good News.

But the message often doesn't go through.

In reality people live in groups. Each group is like a different world shaped by its unique culture, worldview, history, and background. Gaps between groups and wide. Gaps of understanding between individuals in different groups are even wider.

When not effectively bridged, these obstacles destroy the ministry of a cross-cultural worker.

Like highlighted above, I tend to think that in God's eyes this is a life or death situation for his children.

Yet, there are ways to effectively connect, Understand, and Impact

Here at Leading for Mission I systematically bridge such gaps as:

  • check
    Distance and isolation
  • check
    Culture and worldview
  • check
    Communication styles and language

If you find yourself...

  • check
    Being already in the mission field
  • check
    Trying to bring your life and the life of your family together
  • check
    Learning a new language
  • check
    Meeting locals, but not connecting deeply enough or at all
  • check
    Connecting and having many friends, but not continuously and effectively impacting them with the Gospel

...this website will be interesting and engaging to you.

Current project: #MissionsLink

Before I share just a bit more about myself I wanted to let you know about #MissionsLink. It is the only current project I'm running here on Leading for Mission. 

#MissionsLink is a weekly email with few carefully curated links to the best cross-cultural missions resources I can find. 


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A word on my background

As far as for myself, I've been blessed to have some 16+ years of cross-cultural mission experience as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, cross-cultural mission worker and leader, and overall missions enthusiast.

Presently I'm undertaking a doctorate in Missiology and Inter-Cultural Studies (DMiss).

Through the years together with my wife Ammy and our two boys we've learned to deal with the fact that we all are third-culture kids. We daily switch through three languages just within our family and have not perfected any. 

We don't feel at home anywhere, but have learned to love the communities we've been in or are a part of.

We think that other mission labourers are the closest community we've got.

That includes you!