Why Understanding Honor and Shame Can Make Or Brake a Cross-Cultural Ministry?

This week’s #MissionsLink is something I’ve been quite excited about:

It raises the theme of Honor and Shame.

The topic of Honor and Shame, in my opinion, has been one of the greatest blind spots for many serving cross-culturally. Without seeing the fabric of Honor and Shame one is left with only superficial and shallow feel for much that is going on around.

This week’s link will actually take you to a video webinar presentation titled “Giving honor: A key to fruitful cross-cultural partnerships“. It is accompanied with a pdf and a slide-share presentation.

As I watched the webinar through, it impacted me deeply. Especially the part that reveals the secret of how it is truly possible to be able to give honor to other people. And giving honor is key in most cross-cultural interactions, as this presentation asserts.

Without trying to say more, I would only encourage you to find 40min of time and watch this webinar by Werner Mischke.

What has been your experience with Honor and Shame?

We can dialogue further in the comments below.

  • bachir says:

    It really impacted me. This topic is very important in our Culture in order to understand several issues.

    • Alex Ott says:

      Bachir, thanks for acknowledging the importance of taking Honor/Shame into account in relating to your culture and many others in the Middle East and beyond.
      If you have a chance, could you please share what particular issues you see that need deeper understanding?

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