Do New Year Resolutions Have a Place in the Life of a Missionary?

The New Year is a significant, if not the most visible, landmark in a calendar. It stands for a new beginning. And it spells the spirit of a new beginning.

For some if not most of us it is a time of rediscovering our priorities, analysing the past year, and resolving for a better future. Often, this takes a form of New Year resolutions—promises to begin doing something or stop doing something else.

As the year starts I wanted to share with you…

Several links about missions and New Year resolutions.

As you’re prayerfully envisioning your year, I pray that it will be a special experience with your Lord and Leader. He has a unique plan for you this new year.

It’s worth discussing

What do you think?

What role can or should the goal setting play in spiritual work of missions?

I’d love to hear from you and interact in the comments below.

  • Dilson says:

    For those work in the 10/40 window definitely we need more consecration to God. Happy New Year to everybody!

  • Brankica says:

    Thank you Alex for all the articles you have provided. Definitely we need goals in our work, not just as the New Year Resolution but on daily basis, without plans and goals not much can be accomplished. May the Lord help us to set higher goals and have more faith that the Almighty can fulfill them!

    • Alex Ott says:

      Thank you Brankica.
      I guess the dilemma I’m thinking of is this: What is the proper way to set goals for the spiritual work, particularly the work of missions?
      This week I learned about a newly formed large coalition of evangelical mission agencies and disciple-making movement practitioners called 24:14 (based on Matthew 24:14). They have an amazingly compelling mission to start work in every unreached people group by 2025. https://www.2414now.net
      That’s an audacious goal! And there is a lot of enthusiasm and action around it.

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